Feldhaus Klinker

Feldhaus Klinker  Since 1857  

Quality standards for Feldhaus Klinker products are laid down in the respective European and German product standards. The results of our in-house product quality controls are externally supervised by Güteschutz Ziegel e.V. (German Quality Auditing Commission). Güteschutz Ziegel e.V. also carries out its own control measurements. The certificate is evidence that the company has been granted both CE Mark of Conformity and Quality Mark for their products. It also indicates that the in-house inspections have been correctly carried out.

115 Million Brick slips, facing bricks and clay pavers per year.

Factory premises approx.17 HA.

Daily production approx. 360 T fired raw material.

  • ECO friendly -100% Natural, without Chemical dyestuff
  • Weathering ResistanceFrost Resistance
  • Specially selected clays are used and fired at 1.100 ℃. Extremely dense with a water absorption rate only 2 to 4 percent. WDVS Suitable
  • Fire resistant-Reaction to fire: Euro class A1
  • Color Resistance
  • Durability

The innovative products of Feldhaus Klinker have been awarded the Title of “Excellent Environment Products” by the German Federal Environment Foundation.

Feldhaus Klinker facing bricks conform to

DIN EN 771-1 and DIN 105-100.

Feldhaus Klinker brick slips are manufactured in accordance with

DIN EN 771-1 and DIN 105-100.

Feldhaus Klinker clay pavers conform to

DIN EN 1344 and DIN 18503.